Tan y Foel

History and culture


Posted on 13th March, 2019

Spring is definitely in the air and the garden is starting to look lovely with some early colour.   It won't be long until the Rhododendrons reveal their full display and the show begins in earnest.


Snowdonia and Abraham Lincoln

Posted on 19th January, 2017

A short drive away, is the village of Ysbyty Ifan (meaning Hospital of St John). The village now has fewer than 200 inhabitants, but it has a history to rival many large towns. Although a village existed before that date, it is named after the Knights of St John, who in the 12th century established a hospital and hostel to care for pilgrims. Later the notorious Red Bandits of Mawdday, took advantage the Knights' priviledge of sanctuary to hide in the hospital.   The hospital was abolished during the dissolution of the Monasteries, but the village continued to play a part...


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