Tan y Foel

nature on our front door

Posted on 12th May, 2017

It’s been an exciting morning for both us and guests. We have owls that nest in the woods close to the house. Their calls can be heard at night and we regularly see them, but today was quite special. Chris called me to the kitchen at just before 7am to watch the tawny owl sat in one of the trees outside. Normally the owl would fly away after a minute or so, but 10 minutes passed and the owl was still in the tree. We carried on with chores, popping back to the window from time to time and to our surprise, not only was the owl still in the tree, but was joined by another tawny owl who was sitting on a branch below the owl box that Chris had built the previous year.


By now, the time was 7.40 am. I knew that the guests in the room above were awake, so I messaged them to let them know that two owls were in the trees outside the bathroom. I was tempted to tell Carol and Rich that we had arranged the show especially for them! At 8, Carol and Rich came down and headed to the sitting room where the owls could be seen from the side window. After a few more minutes they headed into breakfast. Mel and Tony came into the breakfast at 8.30 and were told about the morning show. I took another look out of the sitting room window and one owl was still on the branch! Breakfast was duly postponed so that Mel and Tony could also take a look. After eating breakfast, Carol and Rich had one last look before the owl finally departed at around 8.40 am.


We are hoping that this becomes a regular show!

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