Tan y Foel

The Laburnum Arch

Posted on 6th June, 2016

If you are visiting the area in late May and early June, an absolute must see is the laburnum arch at Bodnant Garden.


The arch is 180 (55m) feet long, made up of 48 plants which have been replaced over the years but have provided a continual display of golden flowers in late spring since 1882. Called Golden Rain, laburnum produces a dazzling flush of bright yellow pea-shaped flowers up to 50cm long in hanging racemes, followed by seedpods. In late May and early June the arch is literally buried under long, golden yellow pendulous bunches of flowers.


I go as often as I can when the Arch is in bloom for the sight and scent of the flowers and I’ve taken hundreds of photos, one of which you can see here.


It takes two gardeners up to a month to prune the arch in January at the coldest time of the year – painstakingly untying, cutting back and tying back in each strand to the framework – and it takes a further two weeks of work deadheading the flowers in July.


I think that all of the hard work is worth it, but come and see for yourself!

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